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Daniel Leighton is a prolific Los Angeles-based contemporary artist with a catalog of hundreds of digital paintings. His visceral, heavily archetypal works emanate from the resurrected memories and persisting visions that define his childhood and his life experience, and finally, express his truth. Daniel’s descent into medical trauma happened at the age of five when he underwent his first hospitalization. It’s here his life split into two. In one, Daniel was the class clown surrounded by friends and trying to live a care-free life. In the other, he was battling severe health problems not understood by his doctors, and suffering numerous surgeries that increasingly eviscerated his internal organs. He lie in a hospital bed for weeks at a time, left with his confusion, his fears and the knowledge that he was becoming more and more different from his loved ones. The happenings of Daniel’s second life are unspeakable, so his only understanding of it is in deeply metaphorical and haunting images – images that he is still gleaning new insights from. These images finally began pouring out of him in 2010 when Leighton intuitively picked up an iPad as his medium. As a life-long Apple fan, he now finds himself a pioneer in digital painting. Being faced with his mortality since childhood, the workings of the body have become revered. As Leighton paints, he follows his physical pain to a place of physical relief. In this process he creates an emotional landscape, connecting to both himself and now, to others. His work reveals the gold inside his pain. Leighton received the prestigious Regents and Chancellors Scholarship from UC Berkeley where he graduated cum laude with a BA in filmmaking. He had a solo show at WAAS Gallery in Dallas earlier this year and one of his pieces was selected by Timothy Potts, Director of the J. Getty Paul Getty Museum, for the POP ÜBER ALLES Show at the L.A. Art Association/Gallery 825. His work has also been featured in several other recent shows. His work is currently on display at the famed NRG Recording Studio. Daniel Leighton is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post. Visit for more information.

Tied Up At The Hospital with Augmented Reality Video Installation

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On Trial by Daniel Leighton - Hi-Res Download with Augmented Reality

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